~ Flames dance in the wind,
A warmth comfort in the night,
But destructions is all you find,
If you wrongly use that light ~

Name: Aiesya~
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Female
Nickname: Sya, Khanoon and Echa~
Nation: Malaysian!
Hobbies: Sports (track & field), writing, reading, watching anime and annoying majority of people in my life~
Favourite color: Violet
Dream: Physcologist
Dream Power: Pyrokinesis (ability to control fire)
Weird Quirks: Growl when anger, running around in circle (just to get rid of extras energy) and tackled people when I'm super excited~
• Sawada Tsunatoshi (KHR)
• Hibari Kyoko (KHR)
• Akashi Seijuro (KNB)
• Kasamatsu Yukio (KNB)
• Iwaizumi Hajime (Haikyuu)
• Dabi (BNHA)
• Allen Walker (D-Gray Man)
• Tyki Mikk (D-Gray Man)
• Killua Zoldyck (HXH)
• Shisui Uchiha (Naruto)
• Gaara No Sabaku (Naruto)

Join to the dark side, we have cookies (/^▽^)/

My Famiglia:
You can join my famiglia~
@nuraiesya2002 {Wrath Sky}
@hara2012 {Moon}

~ A single trust is earned and given,
A bond grew among the rest,
Treating each other fair and even,
Only loyalty is all you possess ~

1. Strength: 4/10
2. Speed: 6/10
3. Tactics: 5/10
4. Cooperativeness: 9/10
5. Mental: 3/10 (I'm quite crazy~)
6. Appearance: 4/10
7. Soothing: 6/10
8. Crazy: 10/10
9. Hyper-active: 10/10
  • Eating chocolates in the middle of Asia
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Well my weekends are coming to an end and it just mark the beginning of my trial exams!!!! I so stress and feel like I can't focus on studying cause I have to finish up my course works as well!!! I'm...
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