About me you ask?
Ah! What a change from the past!
Cuz this world has barely any class.

I like raindrops and morning dew.
Why? I have no clue.
Many dragons I have slew,
with my bare hands, may I add too.

I adore the color green.
Though it might just be a phase of teens-
Just as skinny jeans
and the urge to be lean.

I hate dresses.
They're just messes.
Maybe if the were red-ish,
but that going off guesses.

Chocolate, I can't stand
"Why?!" You demand.
It's hard to understand.

Puppies I adore,
I can't resist their allure.
I have three, but want more.
But, alas! I'm too poor.

Lettuce is good.
Eat it as a snack, I would,
Just sneak it under my hood.

So inconstant this is.
But that's what makes me Liz.

By the way:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
This really sucks,
So it's going into the loo.

Yeah, I'm not a good poet.
And yeah, I love AVPM and AVPS

When do I update?
Please don't hate,
but I don't have certain dates.
I wait until my ideas are great.

This is my lame way of saying I don't know when I update. I can't force myself to write, but I tend to update most commonly on weekends about every two weeks.

Please send banners or covers or any burning questions about my story to my Wattpad email: notpresent7@gmail.com.
Don't you just hate it when you have to add random numbers to an email you want and then it just ruins the whole thing?
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ErikaTappy posted a message to not_present
Seriously guys, calm down. I get why it's annoying that she hasn't updated since a year but you don't need to be so rude about it. I miss PFS too but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for her leaving (I hope). And if you scroll down, she's said a few months back that she's working on an update. We just need to be a little more patient. So just freaking calm down and stop being so goddamn rude.
RaniiaEssa posted a message to not_present
Y'all need to calm down . I totally understand  the frustration and anger many of you  are feeling . I mean the story was pretty freakin awesome; and unfortunately for whatever reason , she stopped writing it (whether justifiable or not ). It does suck , but all the cussing wasn't necessary to express one's opinion .Just move on and read something else or keep waiting .Either way take a chill pill , you never know what a person  is going through  or is experiencing . It's just a story at the end of the day . FICTION .Thank you  :) .I do hope you're okay and doing well @not_present
her reason is " she doesn't feel it anymore"?  what a pathetic excuse!! this is definitely bullsh*t!! guys unfollow her already!! its been 2 f*cking years.  And she seriously expects us to understand her situation? ohh i feel sorry for you!!! i mean why create a story if you cant even finish it in the first place right?? stupid b*tch!!
xfrostbytex posted a message to not_present
Guys, just drop the book now. The author has obviously lost her magic for this book and obviously just ditched Wattpad. Stop asking her to come because she will never come back. 
maria415 posted a message to not_present
The story is Amazing in the book Project Fat Suit.  Like is it possible for someone  to take it over? And maybe just make an ending for everyone.Even if its 2 chapter
claragarrood posted a message to not_present
Everyone's getting a bit mad about this whole thing, and you know what I'm sure there's some explanation. We just have to hope she's happy and healthy. We all want some kinda closure and I know we all are annoyed that we haven't even got a sentence to explain this situation, but like I said there's got to be some plausible explanation. I hope. 
If you guys look back all the way to October of 2014 she post an expiation about why she is not writing and why she will no longer be updating because "she doesn't feel it anymore" and that she wanted to move into the dorms and live in collage but her parents wouldn't let her and she didn't even argue cause she already lost her fight years ago. Bullsh!t your f!cking 18 you could've done anything you wanted and you don't "feel" it anymore then read your book all over again like you were the reader then write. And her explanation sounds very depressing so darling if your depressed you need to go to a doctor.