:3 Im Skye, I like writing, Hence the name Nluvwithwriting. Um yeah Comment, Vote, and Fan my stories? Hope ya like :3 Im 13. :3 The date I set my birthday as is actually not my birthday but IM not gonna get into that right now. I love to read and write and I hope people like what I write. :3 I love making this face: :3 Just cuz :3 IM in 8th grade. I admit Im selfish but I also admit I try not to be. I apologize if you talk to me and I am though :/ Here is what I want to accomplish on here:

[X] Get 100 reads
[ ] Get 1000 reads
[X ] Get 5 fans
[X] Get 10 fans
[X] Get 20 fans
[ ] Get 50 fans
[ ] Get 100 fans
[X] Get 10 votes
[X] Get 50 votes
[ ] Get 100 votes
[ ] Make the Whats Hot list :3

I think Im going to keep going with just De-Cinderella-Fied until its finished so I dont choose one story over another and end up not completing one that people really like. I will read your story if you read mine and I will fan you if you fan me :3
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nluvwithwriting nluvwithwriting Jan 30, 2012 02:52AM
Okay so I have no idea what happened but all of a sudden Im gaining more fans(which I am NOT complaining about) and I wanna say a big thanks to all of yuo! So THANK YOU! And I also see Im almost to o...
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Description: You've heard of every Cinderella story possible. Wether on tv or in a book, right? And you might be thinking this is the same. But Clarissa Jones doesnt give up on ANYTHING. She wont let go of the fact that Ka...


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