My Reality is Fractured or R.I.F. series is my first attempt at writing a book series. I have been writing on forums for the last few years and decided to share the lives of some of my characters.

I enjoy stories that are out of the normal and more than just high school drama or raging hormones. Don't get me wrong I like drama and romance but give it a twist. Just send me the link.
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nitalya nitalya Sep 24, 2012 04:47AM
Lots has been in the last week. Mostly family drama, working overtime, just plain house work, and i also received a promotion at work which will give me two weeks working days.
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R.I.F. Ifearnán

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Description: Four gruesome murders in Etanepita, Greece have stumped the local police and causing them call on Bethany Ifearnán. Beth is anything but your run of the mill consultant from her Gothic clothing to her unusual...


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