So, first of all, thanks for stumbling across my page. How'd you get here?
Also, feel free to message me about whatever - I'm a pretty friendly person.

Fun facts about me:
-I am kind of obsessed with watching Disney movies (my favourite is the Lion King!)
-I read more than I should (like most of the time it gets in the way of stuff i actually have to do)
-English is my first language & French is slowly becoming a second language.
-I am obsessed with my Twitter account :)

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I have finished my first novel (Mate, Mine) and I have begun the sequel Alpha, Mine. If you want more information about where the Mine Trilogy is going, read The Note Book, there are author's notes with all the information there.

"We stretch out both of our arms…pass through the clouds, straight to the sky...even though we touched the Moon and the Mars...we still cannot touch the truth" -Bleach (Manga), Chapter 80

I also have a shared account with @Birdy_Chan (who has amazing writing, btw) it's @thebookjumpers Please tell us what you think? We would really appreciate it!!


Ave Atque Vale, Martin Troy. Hail and farewell.
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nillyxx nillyxx Jan 02, 2015 11:25AM
@MrCheeze CONGRATULATIONS IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!  (I probably sound like a creepy person but you guys are kinda my real life otp...)
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Description: Objective: to help fix Addy. Constraints: Addy was stubborn. She won’t just start cooperating. And she has slight trust issues with letting people in and keeping them there. Course of action: become a Barkley...


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