@saphiritae ur welcome!


So I'm just going to fan you so I have a list of all the books I just found in your libraries. I pretty much want to read them all. So thanks for being m second library! ;)


Hi, i'm quite late in answering but ur welcome and happy to have helped 


if i studied as much and as fast as i read books, i's have my PHD by now!
          i thought it was a cool idea to find out the completed stories i's read here!
          and there is barely a page without one story in it that i have finished and add all these to the published authors!
          I'm a book worm in the true sense of the word!


Thank you so much for the fan and for adding my story, "My High School Life" to your list! It really means a lot to me xD


I don't think Wattpad updates people. I'm not sure though, but i think the Reading List is what you use for updates. Definitely contact Wattpad if you think you have a problem though!


Hey, so glad you added ANSSD to your reading list!  I really hope you enjoy, once you get around to it!

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