@LJHron thanx :D it's so since to hear from you. It seems so long lol. Hope you have a great 2013! 


Hi! I use to be on Wattpad about almost a decade and a half ago and I think you may have wrote a book about vampires that to this day I have cravings for to red Kate and D... SOMETHING like I said a decade ago was the last time I read it but D was a vampire Kate was human but unknown to her her best friend Chris was also a vampire? I can't seem to find it on here if you know where I could find it online or if you managed to make it into a paperback Id love to buy a copy just point me in the right direction lol. Thanks In Advance


I really love something worth living for . It's what gave me the kick to go and check out your other works could easily pass on a a novelist..I mean those popular ones ,you know? Its really inspiring and refreshing ,well done !


Your story is very beautiful I must say but one thing is noticed is that there is so much narration is going to the point that I get bored in the middle. The plot is good the characters are not that intense and the ending is fair enough. I guess you need to lessen the narration sometimes I wonder if I'm reading a love story or an autobiography. I'm a sucker of good romantic story but I hate having lots of narration which I find it not much important to where the story should go. I'm not an expert into reading books too but I love reading and based on what I've been reading I can say that I based on the stories that I've read but I'm not judging you. Anyways your awesome.


I read something worth living for, n i love the story, there are no flaws at all. The way you wrote the story is awesome I enjoyed every single moment of the story. You are a great writer I can't wait to read more stories of yours.


@nikkichicky Hi! :) I just wanted to drop by and tell you what a great job you did on "Something Worth Living For". Never have I read a more moving story that's oh-so-real in every aspect of it. So many emotions, so many feel everything that the characters feel and you learn something along the way. There's just something compelling about the way you wrote the piece that made it stand out from all others. Whatever it was, that's what made your story "real" and I want you to know that you're an amazing writer. I wish you luck in your writing career and in life as well :)) Happy writing, and thanks for the beautiful story that made my day (and undoubtedly many, many others' as well) :D