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To Be With You (Dally Winston love story)

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Description: What if one day you woke up and you discovered something that would change your life forever, in a good and bad way. Would you make the best of what happened and say it was meant to be? Or, would you keep asking yourself why you had to be the one th...


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Forgetting About the Future (Tom Riddle love story)

Forgetting About the Future (Tom Riddle love story)

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The wishing well is a very dark piece of magic that has been hidden for centuries. It has been rumored f...

Masterminds {A Sherlock Fanfiction}

Masterminds {A Sherlock Fanfiction}

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"He sits motionless, like a spider in the centre of its web." -Sherlock Holmes Eliza Bancroft is an ex...

Playing Games With The Devil - A Sherlock Fanfiction

Playing Games With The Devil - A Sherlock Fanfiction

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Sherlock Holmes and Jim Moriarty. Two men both determined to win their little game...

Where's the justice in goodbye? (WWE Love Story)

Where's the justice in goodbye? (WWE Love Story)

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Skylar is Ryback's little sister and the girlfriend of John Cena. But after lies and betrayals are revea...

@diaqqq Tom Riddle character is a manipulative person who had many people fooled and wrapped around his finger, is it really so unbelievably that Victorie would be able to resist? And as for her killing the man, it was absolutely necessary. She is trying to gain his trust back. Even though it may seem as if her priorities have changed she still has one main goal; to find the wishing well and Tom is the only person who can help her. He knows it too. That's why he revealed to her that he knows a map that leads to it and how to read the map but wanted to teach her how to create a Horcrux first. Tom was testing her and she knew it. If she hadn't killed the man then Tom would have been completely done with her. The only reason why he hasn't killed her yet after finding out the truth about her is because he needs her to. To use the wishing well you must have pure intentions.Tom of course doesn't so he wants to use Victorie and get her to make on wish on his behalf, giving him unlimited power.