Please check out the winner of my story contest, @AuRevoirSimone.  Her stories are amazing--this girl has true talent.  :)
NOTICE: If you spam my story comments for me to read your story, I will personally send a goblin to your house to eat you. Message me instead, if you must, though I will probably ignore it. :)

Okay, after almost a year, this profile was in dire need for an update. I used to be all nicey-nicey, but not anymore. Here are some things you should know before you comment on my stories, to save me the hassle of having to explain them to you.

1. I have no time. Though it may look like I'm on Wattpad all the time, I'm actually pretty busy.

2. I edit all of my stories myself, kay? That's over a million words and tons of drafts...all by my lonesome. You try going over the same set of paragraphs fifty billion times and then tell me if things don't start blurring together. Grammar and spelling are important, but refer back to #1.
A. Please don't offer to be my editor. I've been through too many people who couldn't handle the sheer amount of stuff they have to shift through. I don't want to have my heart broken again. :(
B. That being said, if you see a mistake, don't just say 'this has tons of mistakes.' POINT. THEM. OUT.

3. If you don't like my story, kindly say so.

4. Please, if you find something wrong in my story, do not talk down or condescendingly to me. I'm not some 12-year old twilight-obsessed preteen, kay? I'm in my TWENTIES. Judging from the average age of users on this site, I am at least 5-10 years older than most of you. Get over yourself.


I'm really not a mean person. But there you go. :)

Have a nice day!

My website is where I put my more 'mature' stories, or my other account @Lana_sky. Click at your own risk.
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lunaraeboo posted a message to nikki_says_so
please pretty pretty please update your storie kissing skulls! I literally read it up til chapter 29 and when it ended I was like what? no! nonononono?!!!! I stayed up til 2 a.m. reading it! please update! please!
I don't understand what happened to kissing skulls. o.o I'm extremely sad it has not been updated for such a long time. will u ever let us out of that grip and Finnish the last bit of the story. I don't mean to sound so dramatic just wondering