I am alive

Kidding I'm not...

/I love black\

Probably because thats the color of my soul...


Darn how I wish I was a fan of MCR when they were still a band...

But then I'd probably be eight or nine

I will slit your troat and chop your head off if you play the g note without any warning tho....

Just because I'm late with MCR doesn't mean I don't get dramatically horrified when you play the g note kay?

Okay why on heck do I like extinct bands?...

Some peasant outside: eww you like those bands??? Why do people even like those stupid screamo bands??? They only scream and you can't even understand what they are saying

The peasants friend: exactly, they just want kids that listen to their screaming to be deaf, they only scream and promote death and crap!!!

Me: mom where's the fucking knife?!

I like 1D and if you don't then fine...just don't bloody sue me...
if you judge me because of it, then frickity fuck off because I ain't listening to your shit
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A fangirls Life by nik_clifford_lol
A fangirls Life
Basically some shit that goes on with a fan girl and having a life.... (PFTTT HAHAHAH THATS A GOOD JOKE WE DO...
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