Assalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuhu

M not sure what to write about myself.



M just another girl with lots of faults and who has made lots of mistakes. M trying to be a better person Insha Allah. This can happen only with Allah's help.

I have many likes and dislikes.
I have many quirky habits.
M kinda moody at times.
M alsi kinda lazy(this is something which I don't like about myself but this is how I m. But m trying to change this habit of mine. Lets just say I haven't accomplished it yet)

I m not sure what else to write. If u want someone to talk to, then m always here. No matter if u know me or not. Sometimes it's better to talk to a complete stranger about what's bothering you or anything, response will be less biased.

N I love making new friends. I hold all my friends dear to me.

And lastly I would like to make a dua for every person who reads this

May Allah subhan nahu wataala have mercy on us all
May He forgive all our sins which we might have done knowingly or unknowingly
May we all be granted janat ul firdous
And save us all from punishments in dunya , akhirah, in the grave, and in jahannam

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