Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of nighty or aka Han! I am very happy, energetic and enjoyable to be around!

also thanks to @TheSaltyStark
for the profile picture and @Kwehtonix for the background picture c:


some very honorable mentions. (seriously i love these people they keep me sane)
@ThunderclanGirl she the best!

@TheSaltyStark Seriously there is so many things i could say about her i might even eventually make an entire chapter devoted to her.


@_-ForeverHopeful-_ SAM we will always be there for you and i know you will always be there for us. (tag why you no work :-: )

@ProbablyNotAKyoPan KYO we will always be together forever me, you and kenny, we have been through alot together and this is only the beginning

@InterstellarDaughter LIVI we talk to each other so much about random boy and girl crap and help each other out with anything related to that and for this i am very thankful

@Kwehtonix TICCI things have been rough for you recently and i must say you are doing great handling everything that has been going on you deserve a taco c:

Normal People: Say Months
Warriors Fans: Say Moons
Normal People: Call Them Seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
Warriors Fans: Call Them Leaf-Fall, Leaf-bare, New-Leaf, Green-Leaf
Normal People: Think black cat's are a sign of bad luck
Warriors Fans: Think Black Cats are from the Dark Forest
Normal People: Say We Are Humans.
Warriors Fans: Say They Are Two-Legs
Normal People: Say Milky-Way
Warriors Fans: Say Silverpelt
Normal People: Say Teachers
Warriors Fans: Say Mentors
Normal People: Think Poor Kitty If They See A Cat Missing An Eye
Warriors Fans: Think BRIGHTHEART!!! If they See A Cat Missing An Eye
Normal People: See A Bold Orange Cat Think WOW!
Warriors Fans: See A Bold Orange Cat Think FIRESTAR!!!
Normal People: Would Ignore This
Warriors Fans: Would Re-Post This On Their Profile

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