A new chapter of Angels is up! Check out the Author's Note and give me your opinions on what happens next in the story!!




just wanted to say that i’m so excited about the more frequent updates of angels at the moment! it’s one of my two favourite gilmore girls fics and i was halfway through it before you started re-writing lmao so i never got the the end haha. it’s so frickin’ good, keep up the amazing work!! <3


Hi Nic, I was wondering if you could give me permission for me to translate your story (Checkmate, James Potter) into the language of my country (Portuguese, Brazil) with full credit to you. 


OMGGG I LOVE YOUR BIO!! you immediately made me follow with the quote <33


I just finished ' Anobrain '. This book has had me crying, laughing and cursing all the way. I'm really sad it's over, but I absolutely LOVE the ending. That James and Lily are still alive and that Peter wasn't the Traitor. I really hope your doing well and having fun writing being inspired by anyone and anything. I do have a few questions :
          1. How long have you been writing ?
          2. What is your favorite Story ?
          3. Who's your favorite Author ?
          4. What is your favorite series ? 
          Hope your doing well and having a great time.  ❤️ FanficQueen29


Thank you!!
            1. writing in generally, about as long as i can remember, writing stories on wattpad, about 4 years
            2. of mine; angels or checkmate, of others; listening to lucas, off wattpad; currently anything by gillian flynn
            3. currently gillian flynn 
            4. ive been binging the acotar series and i’m obsessed 


what's happening with growing pains? 


pov : i found your profile on a whim and i lOVE YOU /p