Aloha. :)

This is my second account that I made to focus on fan fiction. I used to HATE fan-fic (call me a hypocrite if you'd like), but that was before I met One Direction....

*16 years young
*Saw One Direction June 10th, 2012.
*Third row at the concert. :D
*I love the boys with all my heart <3
*Besides 1D, I also love Mayday Parade, Ed Sheeran, The Summer Set, We the Kings, and Anarbor (I have weird taste in music..)
*Mexican food is love. <33
*My primary account is @ilovedyoumore. That's the account I actually promote and shiz.
*I'm a pretty friendly person, so get to know me? :)

Send me some stories, and I'll check 'em out. :)

Much love,
Sarah <3

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