First let me say, I love One Direction! I could talk about them for hours, but I will continue! I absolutely love to write, and read. If you have a story, private message me. If you post in on my wall it will be deleted. Well, check out my story, vote comment and fan! I guess I'll post my favorite authors and writers.
James Dasher
Suzanne Collins
James Patterson
Allison Noel
J.K Rowling
So many more!
Wattpad Authors:
Sydaaney. She is the most amazing author I have ever read! EVERY single on of her stories are fabulous! She's the best writer I've ever seen on Wattpad! I love her stories! You should fan, vote, and comment for her! (she writes, Nowhere To Run, Elementals, Something To Remember, and others<3)
Joecool123. His story the Bro Code is amazing! Everything about it rocks! You should check him out, too. He is fabulous.
Not sure the writer, but the story, Late Summer Rain. It's beautifulCheck out all those Wattpad writers!
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@BrunetteBarbie25 Don't spam on my wall. Since you didn't did it the respectful way(PM'ing me)I'm not gonna read your story.
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