So hey guys....this is my personal account, go check out my poems at @_error_

So hey :0
My name is Sam, as some of you will know.
Im 16.
Im from Ireland :)
Im addicted to Percy Pigs, and bacon :D
Leprachauns win at life.
Papa Roach is amazing.
Truth or Dare is the best game ever.
Fred Flintsone was the original Homer Simpson.
|I don't know what else to write....
yea so please please TALK TO ME!!!!!
on this account and NOT my other one cause it's getting jammed up with people and all :)
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214bug posted a message to new_starts_again
well hi id love to talk to someone... i noticed you like papa roach... any ways just saying hi bc this page looks lonely... i hope you didn't forget about it... that would really suck... i guess it depends... anyways byesies:)