Name: Alyssa. Age: 15. Favorite Color: Dark Purple. Favorite Number; 24 Favorite Shape: Triangle Disease: O.C.D, ADHD.
Likes: Texting, Music <3, Friends, Family, Dancing In The Rain, Making People Feel Uncomfortable, Walmart, Summer, Romance, Chocolate Axe, Guys Who Smell Amazing, When Good Smelling Guys Hug You, Weirdo's, Writing, Swimming, Laying By The Lake On A Hot Summer Day, Sunglasses, Scene Style, Grape, Apple Juice, Skinny Jeans, The Smell Of Grass When It's Just Been Mowed, The Word Fuck, When A Guy Admits He's Being A Dick, Man Hunt, Hawthorne Heights <3, Burger King, Anything Chocolate, Clean Things, Camping, Being Happy, The Rain, Bare Feet, Cold Sand, Chalk, Dreams, Ask Swifty, Chance Explosion, Screamo, Wearing A Favorite Hoodie, Abs, Loyal People, Loud Music, Dorks, Nature, Vampire Diaries, Bad Boys ;D, Flip Flops, 16 And Pregnant, The Book Shiver, Goosebumps When It's Cold Or Your Nervous, Art, Expressing Your Opinion, Mud, Chris Drew, Pickles, Plaid, John Mayer <3,

Dislikes: "Normal" People, People Who Judge, Sluts, Jerks, Guys Who Act Different Around Their Friends, Players, Sticky Things, Posers, Anything Orange, Waking Up Early, School, Spiders, Being Cold, Awkward Moments, Old Men, People Who Stare At You Too Long. Greasy Hair, People Who Copy, Wet Lotion Feeling, Hot Black Top, Cherry, Medicine, Miley Cyrus, Sweaty People, People Who Take Gym Way To Seriously, Cramps, Justin Bieber, When Your Cheesy Flip Flops Break, Being So Hot You Can Actually See The Humidity In The Air, Saying Goodbye, Brain Cramps, Feeling Frustrated, Drool, Cones, The Smell Of Old People,
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    Somewhere In Maine
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    Jan 23, 2010 10:50PM
nevershoutnever112 nevershoutnever112 Apr 17, 2012 04:55PM
Uploaded a new story, check it out guys! :P
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