Yo, and welcome to this trashy af profile! 
I'm just your typical awkward teen.
I love cuddles and video games.
Think gay. It's the best way. 🙃
You can, cause you're pan. 😳
Just cause you're straight, don't mean you ain't great. 😴
Embrace your ace. 😍
Get lit👌🔥
I'm so sorry...

Age: 16😩
Gender: female😖
Sexuality: lol don't know don't care😉
Relationship status: taken😜
Hogwarts House: Slytherin🐍
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie😏
Godly Parent: Posiedon💦
iFunny: nessasaurx3😒
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn😀
Hotel? Trivago😁
Some fandoms (not all cause let's be honest I am in too many I'm literally drowning) I like are:
•Harry potter🤓
•Be more chill🔥
•dear Evan hansen🌲
•gravity falls🐖
•Artemis fowl💰

Those are the ones I'm mainly reading at the moment. (Mostly boyf riends and drarry though, tbh. With some kleinsen and treebros occasionally. And hartemis. Always hartemis.)

Mood: ugh. Just ugh
Aesthetic: blegh
Idek anymore. Idec anymore. I just.
Please love me. I feel neglected. X3
Myself, told in emojis-😢😘😂😉😍😶😊😋🤗🤔😀😄😏😜😝🤓😪😒😌🙃😖😞😟😤😨😩😳✌🤙👏🖤🕹🌌💺🔥🎧📚🆘️🏳️‍🌈🇱🇷...*sigh, facepalm*
I love you guys. Please don't be afraid to message me or anything. About anything. Really. I need friends. I will accept anyone and everyone.


p.s. if you made it this far, would you like to buy some illegal dank memes?

o shit
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