#proudbrownie also HAMILTRASH AF
i have way too many boyfriends/husbands but currently at number one is tom holland *swoons*
i love reading and binge-watching all my favorite tv shows/movies (crime and fantasy) with my fam
MARVEL > DC don't even try to fight me on this ;)
i also (mostly) love people and 100% believe in #GirlLove
never-ending existential crises are basically my life's aesthetic
my passion statement: breaking down the barriers that prevent people from reaching their truest potential.
"Preach what you love, don't bash what you hate."
~ Lilly Singh
i find beauty and happiness in the simplest of things, it's extremely weird.
i often wish the world were blind, so people weren't judged based on their body parts or shape or the level of melanin in their skin.
i think it's so interesting how basically everything in the world is "in relation" to something else. also, perspective is an interesting thing, isn't it.
i think it's stupid that we as humans have found a way to put a price on everything, including life itself.
i never understood the logic "they did something bad, so its okay if i do it too." don't do it. be BETTER.
stop labeling disagreements as a left or right thing. it's not a LEFT or RIGHT thing; it's a RIGHT or WRONG thing.
you know, if people opened their minds HALF as much as they opened their mouths, the world would be a better place.
i appreciate and respect people who TRY.
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