I'm Ariel! I'm in the sixth grade. I write original stories. I don't do fanfics. I LOVE Smosh. I love, and I am good at, rapping and singing. I can't dance worth crap. I try to make my stories free of cussing but sometimes I can't help it. I'm bisexual. I can't leave the house without my iPhone and reading glasses. I also move a lot. I prefer Dr.Pepper over Coke and Pepsi. That kinda sums me up! See ya!
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nerdyariel143 nerdyariel143 Jan 16, 2012 04:23AM
@sockmonkey I think everyone has a little bit of The Lonely Island  in them and becomes a creep at one point or another. :) And I will be reading one of your stories. They look cool
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