it is not a war
          	when one side has billion dollar
          	ammunition & trained soldiers
          	& the other has only their own
          	hands & rocks from the land they
          	are trying to protect
          	call it what it is
          	when one side throws grenades & the other is bowing in prayer
          	does it shake your bones ?
          	the heaviness of their faith
          	even the earth of which they prostrate is a witness to it
          	cal it what it is


@neck-kisses oooooooooooooooooo mesmerizing



❝ how many of you didn't know certain things about yourself until you discovered them after spending a few hours with a new friend or going on holiday with your cousins? then suddenly you came across a trait you never knew you had. it's like you have to go through new experiences to know how you'd respond to them.
          you need to taste new food to find out what your favourite cuisine is. you need to press your feet into the sand and the ocean to remember how good it feels. you need to laugh at a few jokes before you learn more about your humour. you need to meet people, talk about life, philosophy and politics to know what your views on those matters truly are. you need to feel happiness like never before to realise what it means to you and how much you need it in your life.
          and you need to feel pain on the hands of people that you'll accept you don't need going forward. you need to fall head over heels in love with the wrong person to know what it's like when it's with the right. and sometimes you need to go through the darkest moments in your life so that when they pass - you realise that you want to truly welcome the light. ❞ 


❝ and i hope you find more than just yourself. i hope you find it in you not to hurt the people you love, not to put yourself down when you feel like breaking apart. i hope you find miracles....the kind that will make you believe in love again, in trust again, in people and in magic... again. i hope these things for you to tell you how beautiful life can be. i believe these things will happen to you because you deserve it. you deserve someone to go home to, a place to shelter you when it rains, someone to run to when you feel vulnerable, someone who understands you know? you deserve to be loved in all places, especially where you least expect it. that's all. ❞


          ❝Let them judge you.
          Let them misunderstand you.
          Let them gossip about you.
          Their opinions aren't your problem.
          You stay kind, committed to love, and feel your authenticity.
          No matter what they do or say don't you dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep on shining like you do.❞
          ❝Don't forget to smile❞
          ❝Everything is gonna be alright❞
          ❝If your guts say ❝Hmm... that's not it❞ then that's not it. Don't overthink❞
          ❝Stay close to the people who make you feel like sunshine❞
          ❝All we have is now❞ 
          ❝Believe in what you prayed for❞
          ❝Lastly, be proud of yourself and never ever back down❞
          Hope I made you smile at least.
          Remember that your life is precious and I adore you<3
          Have a great day/night ahead.
          ⁱ ˡᵒᵇ ᵘ