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WARNING: STORIES ON THIS PAGE CONTAIN EXTENSIVE PROBLEMATIC MATERIAL!!! EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN WARNINGS SO YOU'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO! But that said, there are A LOT of problematic themes throughout, things I wrote when I was much younger that I don't exactly condone any longer. Please keep this in mind before as you read.


Hi! My name is DANNY and I live in Pennsylvania, home of the Amish and nobody else! I love to read and write! Obviously, I'm very into guyxguy. Also guyxgirl. Also girlxgirl. If your having sex, you can count me in.

College student, class of 2017, I'm a teeny little brunette with a passion for food, liquor, literature, and theater.

-Indie music
-Citizen Radio

-Traditional family values
-The Patriarchy

-Hannah Hart
-Misha Collins
-Jamie Kilstein
-R.D. Hero (who is actually a WattPad author you can find above under the 'people I follow' heading. I highly recommend her.)

I consider myself a Minion, a Vagabond, a Young Turk, a Dirty Hobo, and a Hartosexual. My philosophy on life is live and let live!

That's all! Thanks so much for reading and, hopefully, taking a look at my stories!
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jaggi007 posted a message to naughtyskoolgrl
Your story Yummy BoyxBoy is interesting. I gotta say those types of kinks are awesome and I like the incest part. Call me sick if you may, but I'm a huge fan of these things. 
And lastly: suicide is not funny. Suicide is not a joke. Suicide is not a tool to be used to kink shame others. Depression and suicide are very real, very scary realities ESPECIALLY among the LGBTQIA community. If you are suffering with depression or thoughts of suicide, please reach out to someone. You matter, you have value, people will cry for you if you lose your battle. Depression has a way of blinding you to change and to time. When you're depressed, you can't remember that things change or what it was like to feel happy. Sometimes it feels like there's no way out but I assure you there is. I promise you that there are resources to help you no matter who you are or what your situation is. And I promise you things get better. In fact things get good. Depression destroys your ability to see it but life is beautiful, there are people who love you, and there is nothing to be gained by ending your life and everything to lose. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1 (800) 273-8255. Don't ever think you are alone, no matter where or who you are, it’s hard to see them but there are a million and one hands reaching out to pull you back from the brink. That's all guys, thank you so much for taking the time to read, I hope you have an amazing day in which you remember both how special and how normal you are! Bye, Loves!
This comment may be offensive.
Please know that I do not think rape or sexual assault of any kind is a light hearted matter. There is a HUGE difference between rape and rape fantasy. Rape is horrible, it is a disgusting horrifying experience, one that I donate a significant amount of my time, energy, and money to combatting through protesting, raising awareness, and working with victims. Rape fantasy is a hardcore variation of dominance fantasy and it's harmless because it's imaginary. Rape fantasy is the most popular kink among American women and it's top five among men. It's perfectly normal. Equating rape to rape fantasy is sort of like saying, "Oh my god! Why would you put Barney on television?? Would you think it was entertaining if a real dinosaur was chasing your toddler around a construction site??" No, of course not. Kids who like Barney don't actually want to be trapped in a preschool with a dinosaur. People who like rape fantasy don't actually want to be raped or to rape people. You should never be scared or worried that you’re hurting someone by fantasizing about something. You never are. Elijah will never hurt himself after being assaulted because Elijah is a made up character. All of that being said, if something on my profile makes you uncomfortable, message me and we'll talk about it. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, often, and you guys calling me out on it is how I stay in my lane.
You all are an amazing group of people, being able to interact with you all and learn from you and write for you has been one of the great privileges of my life. I never want anyone to be made to feel guilty for reading my works or to be confronted with something as awful as that comment in any context. I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone who came across that comment.
Hey guys! I have something very important to say so if you could take a minute I would so so so appreciate it! One of the best parts of my day is logging into my email and reading all of the amazing messages and comments you all have left on my stories. It always puts a smile on my face to see the sweet things you guys write. This morning when I logged on I found something entirely different. If you're familiar with the requested one shot "Three's a Crowd" on my page, you know the story contains non-con or non-consensual sex. This morning I got a notification of a comment wherein someone (not one of my followers) had described the violent suicide of one of the characters. In my story the character of Elijah is forced into sexual activity. This person wrote that because of this Elijah was so ashamed he chose to take his own life, and they wrote it in graphic detail. I have reported the comment and the person's profile. The comment has been deleted now but, while I believe it was only up for a few days max, if you did have the misfortune of coming across it, I can't tell you how terribly sorry I am. My profile and my stories are meant to be safe spaces, that's why I post trigger warnings everywhere I can and why I contact through private messaging anyone and everyone who mentions feeling uncomfortable.
Bad news bears! I've just been informed that the whole one shot collection I have has been rated mature by wattpad. I'm not sure what this means as far as you guys being able to access it so, if you're having trouble seeing it, let me know I'll see what I can do. :)