THIS IS MY OLD PROFILE! I'm now over at @thecollegegirl! Come see me!!!

**Stories on this page are permanently paused... meaning no more updates. (Very sorry about all of my empty promises)**

WARNING: STORIES ON THIS PAGE CONTAIN EXTENSIVE PROBLEMATIC MATERIAL!!! EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN WARNINGS SO YOU'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO! But that said, there are A LOT of problematic themes throughout, things I wrote when I was much younger that I don't exactly condone any longer. Please keep this in mind before as you read.


Hi! My name is DANNY and I live in Pennsylvania, home of the Amish and nobody else! I love to read and write! Obviously, I'm very into guyxguy. Also guyxgirl. Also girlxgirl. If your having sex, you can count me in.

College student, class of 2017, I'm a teeny little brunette with a passion for food, liquor, literature, and theater.

-Indie music
-Citizen Radio

-Traditional family values
-The Patriarchy

-Hannah Hart
-Misha Collins
-Jamie Kilstein
-R.D. Hero (who is actually a WattPad author you can find above under the 'people I follow' heading. I highly recommend her.)

I consider myself a Minion, a Vagabond, a Young Turk, a Dirty Hobo, and a Hartosexual. My philosophy on life is live and let live!

That's all! Thanks so much for reading and, hopefully, taking a look at my stories!
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And lastly: suicide is not funny. Suicide is not a joke. Suicide is not a tool to be used to kink shame others. Depression and suicide are very real, very scary realities ESPECIALLY among the LGBTQIA...
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Jimmy- a Boyxboy Romance

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Description: Jimmy is the story of a highschool boy lusting after his Pre-Calculous teacher. Taken from life expirience? I think so. TRIGGER WARNING: SWEARING TRIGGER WARNING: ATTEMPTED RAPE TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE ...

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