Nathan Douglas Hansen began his writing career with small weekly papers posing as a self-deprecating columnist with sordid affairs ranging from drunken debauchery to love lost. He slowly matured, cutting his teeth with larger newspapers, refining his skills as a feature writer and investigative journalist before, once again, earning a column in multiple papers and magazines throughout Arizona and the Midwest. While working for the newspaper industry he was nominated for a Pulitzer.

Currently, Hansen is a World Literature, Classic Literature, Poetry, and Creative Writing teacher at an at-risk boarding school located in Northern Arizona.

When Hansen isn't in the classroom, he spends his time as a board member for Running River School, a Waldorf-based, nonprofit, parent cooperative, coordinating field trips for youth, working as a public relations officer, and writing grants.

Hansen has worn many hats, serving the U.S. Army as an Arabic Linguist and Combat Flight Medic. He has worked as a social worker, landscaper, bouncer, comedian, telemarketer, tour guide, bartender, coach, dorm advisor, and endless others, adding to his belief that living is what creates the best material for fiction.

Hansen is the father of four and husband of one. He lives in Sedona, Arizona.
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