Hello Dear Author❤,
          I'm one of your reader. And I wanna translate your stories. Can I? Please answer if you see my message.


Hi..! Hope you are doing great!! Shall i steal your precious time for a minute?! I have wrote a new story, "when wang met Rani" check out this!! please give it a try if you would like to continue then its my pressure.. I hope you won't get dispointed!
          The story is based on two generations, one is present story and other one is true history of king suro(korean king) and hwangok (sembavalam tamil queen).. Don't judge soon about the story, its going to be very historical and boring.. Story is filled with many twist and turns, true history, adventure, and love. 
          Check out this book and give your valuable comments.. thanks in advance!!


          Like I literally just finished your book "Phoenix With No Wings" in two days and it was so amazing. 
          Thanks so much for sharing your book with us 
          God bless! ❤️❤️


Hey just finished reading "phoenix with no wings" and it was amazing, the think I like the most is they both find each other but at same time sad for consort hua, I hope she find happiness in next life, even if it's just a character but one can imagine. last I would really like to know about crown prince did he find someone?? 


The rejected alpha.. Omg I need to know how it ends!!!


I need to know as well but I don’t think we will ever . It’s already July , 2021 and nothing … no updated  :(


Hi, author! Am enjoying your story and thankful that you do update weekly. However, I just think that if you could make each chapter a lot lengthier, that would be better. I don't speak for others but for me, it's somewhat killing anticipation and interest hehe. Thank you!


Hi! I so love A Phoenix without Wings. I’ve binged on it today! Hahaha! And I’m dying to know the succeeding events! Hehe When do you usually update? Xie xie!


I really like if empress with crown prince tian since emperor abandon her like that


No, please don't say like that. Their love is so deep than seems, I believe. Emperor didn't abandon her. 
             besides, she even has 2 kids who love their parents.