" ~ Who never made mistakes , never tried life ~ "

It is nearly impossible to tell you about my personality , since you need a special book and a philosopher to help you with that , so don't try to uncover my mystery.
- I can be mean one second and sweet another ( nothing scary )
- I don't live to satisfy anyone , they live to satisfy me !
- I love energetic optimistic people , full of life.
- DRAMA ! that's what life means to me.
- Its either you're my friend or my foe , no third option :p
- I know what I am doing and need no guide, if you are lost in your life , it has nothing to do with me , I walk my own path .
- Don't try to always follow me , sometimes i am lost .
- MY mood swings are uncontrollable , so don't try me , you may not handle :p
- I make a statement , not read a statement/
- I treat my friends like royalties , only if they treat me like that too !!
- I don't love writing books , I am quickly bored so I cant promise to keep on one thing.
- NEver make fun of people who are different , try to be one too :p
- You hear murmers and whispers about you ? Guess what , those are just too jealous !
- Being yourself was always the best thing to do when there is nothing to do .
- I find logic , where no logic was ever found.
- Sense is just a state our mind creates when we want to complicate our lives.
- I am an astrology geek , and I am so not into air signs :p -
Want to know more ? Umm its non of your buisness anymore :p

Please check this story ( my friend's story ) : http://www.wattpad.com/story/1997505-because-we-loved
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narnoura narnoura Aug 29, 2012 03:48PM
@Aderynn hey its night here so i need to go sleeping, so dont worry if i wont answer, i will see the photo tomorrow , and thanks alot , when u r done from the other cover i will fan you from my other...
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Description: A Lunian girl will be sent on a mission to earth, as an experiment, trying to get to know to the new surrounding she faces many problems and has to solve them all with the help of her friends:)


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