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          Can you find me a general Indian ff
          I do not remember ff and characters name but I do remember story line
          Hero is a billionaire runs his own business and see his father business.
          He doesn't believe in love due to his past
          His ex uses him for money and sleeps with other person.he also finds how she insults him regarding some ugly mark on his back
          From then onwards he started feeling insecure
          On the other side
          Heroine is a strong girl, lives with mother
          She doesn't believe in love and didn't agree for marriage
          Hero and heroine both now each other very well
          Hero friend is heroine brother in law own sisters husband
          One fine day hero saved from heroine from abused
          From them on ward he release his feelings towards him
          In meanwhile hero mother propose his marriage to heroine mother
          Her mother forced her to get married
          They for married but in meanwhile heroine ex starts to harass her through phone
          She starts to behave in different sometimes
          Hero says her that he likes her and he wants her to be loyal to him
          I read story till here and then it got deleted from my library
          So can find me the story and help me please

          This book is way too similar to Your book Older brothers,


@IammacrazyBTSlover your right
            I knew it thats why the story sounds familiar 


Can’t find the book