I love reading, I initially signed up to Wattpad because I was looking for New stories to read.

I just finished Uni, which I'm thrilled about

My ideal scenario would be, to be locked in a room full of books with total silence or a private beach which would be just as nice, I'm a book junkie.

I prefer books to Movies, and I'm scared to admit that I am a Twilight Fan, but only of the books, I haven't seen any of the films, the characters didn't gel with my imagery so I couldn't wrap my head around watching it. The same goes for Harry Potter, I totally loved the books but I haven't seen any of the films :-S

I have 8 Siblings lool ' The horror" hence my love of the quiet, I'm the quiet one out of my brother's and sisters, I tend to gravitate to a quiet area and observe. I'm the Eldest girl so of course all my stuff get's stolen.
I have three brothers and five sisters, with the youngest being 4, that's all I'm going to say on that matter, My parents told me that the stork brought me to them, and that's what I'm sticking with, I'ts too creepy a reality.

I like listening to music, and I'm big on Crime/Mystery/Thriller

I don't have a preferred genre because I like all books

but my guilty pleasure is definitely the paranormal

I'm a major fan of Criminal Minds, I love Reid!!! (but I love all the other characters as well)

I've only just started writing stories in fact the Prophecy is my first, I tend to stick to Poetry.

(I think that's all for now)
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