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Hey, I want to inform you if you give some of your precious time to read my story. This is my first book. I am not a writer. But I think it is ohk if I share it with you. I want you to co-operate with me and if you like my book a little bit then give me your little love however you can. I will be more than happy if I get support from you. I believe that no writer can achieve anything without readers. Tell me and ask me anything. I will try to give answer as much as I can.
          Love hidden by arrogance
          "Do you always walk without looking or do you have vision problem?" he said. I am out of my temper by his sentence. "It occurs because of you who always come in my way like wall". Stafina Hart was sweet, innocent, pure, beautiful but sassy girl who falls in love with arrogant, cold, unsocial and devil by nature guy Denial Luscious after hating him so much. But before her confession Denial gave a reason to hate him back and broke her heart...... What will happen when they meet each other after 5 years? Will she forget his behaviour and fall in love back with him or just continue to move on in her life? Will he be able to know his feelings and able to say it loudly or will lose his chances in every possible way because of him? Will they unite or the gap between them will increase?
          Love hidden by arrogance by Devenial Dream.



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