Hey🖐️✋ all the lovely and the amazing people out there hope you had an amazing and fabulous day today and if your day was not so good just remember that at the end of the day everything is gonna be fine.  What does not kill you only makes you stronger💪 so always have faith on yourself cause you are a rockstar🌠🌠

And its me Sadikshya and commonly known as saddu among friends. I am both bubbly and chubby😂😂. I am lazy as hell, sometimes I'm quiet because I feel too lazy to move my lips. I'm over dramatic and is positive in almost every situation and yay I tell lame jokes a lot😁

If somebody is gonna walk away from your life let them walk away and before that remember to say
"Tere bina saans bhi chalti hai
Tere bina dil bhi dhadakta hai
Yaad nahi that yaad AAYA" cause self is important 💕💕
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