This is my secret world, where I can be what I want to be... 

Away from the fast paced and crazy real world...

I'm a loner but I'm not a looney not yet at least my psychological exam proves it but nevertheless there's a thin red line between insanity and sanity and sometimes we cross it and bounce back in time just to keep sane...

I'm a positive thinker or I thought I was, the thing is it's always easy to give advice to other people but it's hard believing and applying it on your own...

I don't like reading love stories seriously I hate cheesy stuff I prefer Nicholas Sparks' Novels wherein one of the lovers die and the lesson within their story is the cliche...

I'm an anime fanatic, a TV Series maniac, a movie critique, a comics collector, a bookworm, an artist and a frustrated singer... by the way I'm also good in Math...

Fun Facts about me:

When I was in grade school I peed my uniform because my teacher is holding the line for too long until we form a straight line... How would you make restless first grader to do so we're like kids back then ^___^

I'll download the latest TV Series mostly during the break of dawn and watch it afterwards until the wee hours of early morning before I sleep and wake up around 4PM to have my milk and breakfast...

I'm a frappe and smoothies addict Mango Kreme from Krispy Kreme is my favorite!

I eat chocolate most of the time especially when I'm sad, whenever I feel sleepy or not so active coke would make me an energizer bunny (Good Luck with Diabetes!) I hope I won't get one wishin' n hopin'

I'm a Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock Addict and prefer Indie and Inspirational Tear Jerker films over new ones...

I like THE VOICE, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT which I always watch everytime I feel down...

I like underdog movies and always choose new and unwanted kids to be friends with than the popular ones though I have friends from different walks of life... I could say I've been there done that now stop thinking of it! o_O
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Description: These are my opinions and observations on certain topics, acts and ways of how people should react on stimuli. You may agree to disagree but all I can say is that I maybe wrong but I doubt it!

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