Alright I'm officially leaving Wattpad. I'm still writing on archiveofourown so if you want to read more of my stuff you can message me and ask for the username, I have immensely enjoyed my time on here but Wattpad is no longer convenient for me. Thank you all for supporting me while I was on here, and I hope some of you visit my ao3 :)


@Larry_Lashton omf wait though you're pretty popular in the fandom that's so weird to me lol, that's awesome


Thank you for getting me through one of the hardest months of my life. I read Give Me Love during the last month my dog was alive. She passed away September 8th but before that I would read this while laying on the kitchen floor with her, until the kitchen became empty with just my thoughts and this book.


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Gurrrrrrl. (Or guy Idfk LOLZ) u need to get fucking published Istg. Seriously. Ur shit is really good. "Give Me Love" has me fucking SHOOK AF. I don't know shit about most things, but I know a good ass book when I read it hunty. Get on that, k thanks bye now. 


Give Me Love was the best Michael Clifford fanfiction I've ever read, and I've read alot that sucked so much, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuuuu that book gave me the feels, such an amazingly beautiful storyyyyy #MUKE I'm sad to here your leaving wattpad I really liked you :( I finished Give Me Love over night and I was crying for 95% of it. 
          My favorite part was when they were laying in bed and Mikey was like draied asf and Luke was like, "You'll be ok" and Mikey said something I forgot and then he FUJCKING cried, bae cried?! My heart broke sooooo much.
          Once again I am aware you no longer are active on wattpad and that sucks soooo much, but your an amazing writer!!!


Hey darling, your book Over and Over seems rly good, rn I'm reading a different lashton book (idk who I ship rn like cake or lashton lol) but I'll definitely read yours afterwards! ;) xox


I LOVE A SENTENCE A DAY. I JUST READ IT UNDER 15 MINS... AND I FUC.KING LOVE IT. I'm sorry for the caps... I'm still emotional. I'm so pissed at Wattpad for not letting me vote on every chapter... like... after 100 times and then they said I've voted TOO MANY TIMES. Wtf. anyways.. i love the book.