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myasianself myasianself Jul 25, 2011 02:56AM
I kinda wanna ditch my current book and then make a zombie book. But I don't want the zombie book to get popular online. My life is over..
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What Used to Be Human

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Description: Imagine a life where everyone you know and loved was dead. Imagine a life where everywhere you looked was destruction. Imagine a life where a special rabies turned everyone into zombies. This is Amara and her...


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Time Against Race

Time Against Race

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Where Earth has a happy, wonderful lovey dovey time, Renther has Time. Time with a capital T. Time has a...

A Blissful Kiss

A Blissful Kiss

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The kiss everyone wants.

What Happened to My Friend?

What Happened to My Friend?

62 1 2

A poem about an event that recently happened to me. It's about a friend who I thought would never do any...

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