Hi there! My name is Daisy as you see above on the left side of the pic. (That's my BFF on the right.)

.....I guess I'll say random facts about me. :)

- I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE manga and animes!
These are just a FEW of my all-time favorites:
#Maid-sama (Anime & manga)
#Kamichan karin (Anime)
#Freezing (Manga)
#Defense devil (Manga)
#Hana to Akuma (Manga)
#Sailor Moon <3 (Anime)
#Seikon no Qwaser (Manga)
#Mars (Manga) <3
#Usotsuki Lily (Manga)
#The One (Manga)
- Forever obsessed with K-dramas.
- Very weird person and not ashamed of it.
- Also oddly obsessed with the modeling world.
- 5'4", but I am currently drinking milk everyday so I can at LEAST grow one more inch . . . or two. *fingers-crossed*
- Totally shy and when I first meet a person, but if I grow comfortable around them I start acting my usual crazy self. P.S. If I don't, that means I'm not comfortable around you. :P Sad truth.
- I love random kids I see on the streets, but I ironically find the ones in my family annoying. Eh, who knows. *shrugs*
- I like listening to dubstep, mostly all the types of rock (including SLIPKNOT) trance, techno, house, 50's, 60's, classical, LANA DEL REY (She's so awesome she has her own category! XD ), and many, many, many, many MORE.
- Not sure to either major in psychology or English when I go to college. Not sure. :/
- Pure believer in gay rights'. Nobody should be judged based on what their preference is. Point blank. And anybody that argues over it are stupid a**es. :P
- When I get embarrassed my ears get really, really HOT! D:< I loathe the fact that I do.

Ummm, don't know what else to say, so just message me if you have any questions or if you just want to have a nice little, random chat. (I'm not one of those people that just post that type of stuff and don't mean it. If you give me a simple, pleasant 'Hello' I'll actually reply back. )

Until next time darlings! <3 \(^__^ )/
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