Sierra Ann Marie :)
love to read
write <3
i love to laugh
and be crazy.
I speak my mind all the time.
I know how to handle myself.
Semi taken.
private messages are welcome always.
I live in Ohio.
I ride fourwheelers
I'm just one big ball of funn
And friendship:)
Read my stories and poems.
NEVER be afraid to tell me what youu think.
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Description: Bullying is something so common in this world. Its also something i fell strongly on. Ive known people who's been bullied and helped and people who were bullied and committed suicide because the pain was to mu...


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The Final Dance

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Ever since Melodie can remember shes wanted to dance. But 3 months ago at a recital she fell hurting her...

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The Waters Ways

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Will she fall?

Will she fall?

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Its about a Girl names Maria Sanchez. Her mother cheated on her Dad so they move from Blaine,Kentucky to...

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Perfect Pain

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Celeste had it all. The perfect boyfriend, family, social life. She was living her dream as only a junio...

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