Hi so.. what. to. say. Well first of all I'm human, I think🤨, although I am pretty sure that I exploded a ceramic bowl with my mind once😌,  it was a perfect day the sun was shining🌞 and I was hungry😖 so I decided to  make myself some oatmeal, l went and got out my trusty bowl I poured some oatmeal and milk into the bowl and then I put it on fire 🔥 and as it was cooking I began to think about the bowl exploding I was thinking really really hard 😴  and then it happened 🤯😱 a loud BOOM sounded not saying that I did, but I may have fallen off my stool in disbelief 😯🤕  I couldn't believe it oatmeal had turned into a mess of  broken well, mess so now I'm hungry and I have no food BUT I have a great mess to clean up now 😢 yay 😭 and the worse part of it is, that was my favorite bowl it was easy to clean we had great times my bowl and I, I mean what didn't I do with it pasta, scrambled eggs, rice, fries and even baking with it was a dream but then something as simple as oatmeal which didn't even require a lot of heat to cook killed it😭🤧. Now I mourn the bowl 😢 and I didn't even get to eat the oatmeal😤. 
I just have one question that has been bugging the F out of me was it my precious superior brain that did it or was it just that i happened to be thinking about it at the time and the fire did all the work I'm just trying to take credit for my amazing brain?
anyway, LIKES: Avengers, purple, noodles, chocolate, cheese puffs, chocolate did I mention CHOCOLATE, cats and dogs.
OTPS: sterek my first love, Malec my precious Tryan, snarry, shumdario Wincest, everpanter ,thorki, stucky science husbands merthur, Tyrus jakward stiles/everyone ever and many many more.
Dislikes: fics that literally makes you feel like you are choking cuz boring🤮, WIPS🤒 judgement people especially when they are doing it because everyone else is doing it😤 boy meets girl story lines love triangles so basically twilight😵. 😇
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