I'm a person that like's to keep to him self but I think I can make an exception;

-I'm a person that love's fantasy book especially when it comes to DRAGONS!

-my longest relationship is 5 year [AKA I'm single]

-Other's Think I'm a good drawer even though I criticize my own work

That's all I can think of if you want to check me out more head to my Facebook, Website or YouTube
p.s my YouTube is: http://www.youtube.com/user/mophop1?feature=mhee
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Life in Shadows

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Description: When do we decide the difference between fiction and fact. When can someone stand up and say 'that is not real'. When someone sees us they think It's a joke. When someone talks about us they think there mad. S...


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Dragon Rider's Earth's Awaking (BK 1) (On Hold)

Dragon Rider's Earth's Awaking (BK 1) (On Hold)

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6 friend's 1 unlikely turn of event's. The appearance of dragons, have come. as these 6 friend's investi...

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Story Reading List