Hi! =D 

My name is Jolyne. I'm going to upload my stories here, so please give me your thoughts about it.^^

I like anime, manga and playing videogames, preferable platformer or rpg ^^

My Deviantart: http://moonofthedarknight.deviantart.com/
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Cold Moon (Book 2 - Moon Series Trilogy)

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Description: After Shakey got arrested, the girls decide to follow him to the Northern Region and plan a prison break! Meanwhile, the rebels are busy preparing their attack on the tyrannical King. However, will everything...

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Full Moon (Book 1 - Moon Series Trilogy)

Full Moon (Book 1 - Moon Series Trilogy)

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A young girl wakes up after she found herself badly hurt on the beach. The boy who saved her helps her a...

Rising Moon (Book 3 - Moon Series Trilogy)

Rising Moon (Book 3 - Moon Series Trilogy)

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The rebels have lost the riot against King Rodian. Once word gets out, the others embark on a mission to...

Black Flowers

Black Flowers

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Blake Marsh is a boy with a weird curse. If he loves a person and tells them so, they become a black flo...