Hi Beautiful people! 👋 I honestly just don't really know what to put here... 

Name: Hannah
Zodiac: Taurus (Sun sign)
Favorite Food: CAN'T CHOOSE 🍣 (but sushi is life)

If you have any recommendations to any books please write in the commentsss, I'm always looking for a good book to read. I especially love supernatural, mafia, or horror

(Supernatural reading list are vamps, witches, werecats/bears...)


Werewolf books:
- The Alphas Expectations 🥰
- The bloodlust Alpha ❤️
-The Alpha's little witch ✨
-Her cruel mate ☺️
-Tripartite Mate 🥵

-His Little Lavender 🌸

Vampire (supernatural)
- Thicker than blood🔥

(Both of these books are actually series so I definitely recommend reading all of them..)
Code Name: Athena 🌹
Two Gangs and a Golden Girl 🌻

My other favorites are...
Death is my BFF 😘
Dude's a lady 😊
3 Stepbrothers (I know what you're thinking, no it's not one of those books...it's even better (one of my top favs 😉 )
A lie in church 🙃
In 27 Days 😍
Deviance 🥵
Crumbling Cakes 😊
Married to the Prince of Darkness (ok just like pls pls plsss read this book if you love supernatural...especially vampire books (even if you don't, this book won't let you down) ❤️
Psychotic (finished) 🥀
Chaotic (unfinished...book 2 of Psychotic)
Dad Zone 🙌

if you have read any of these books I just wanna say that you're like my favorite person in the world and you're the best ever!!! (No joke I could literally talk forever about each one of these amazing books written by these talented authors!!!)

I know we always get busy caught up with stress and things so I just wanna tell you all to make sure that you're all happy and healthy!!! Baiiii👋 ❤️🥰
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