Some people call me crazy, others call me awesome, but I guess it's just your personal opinion.

Hi, and welcome to the profile of Moomooshoohoo, please leave a message after the beep. BEEP.

Hello, I am moomooshooshoo and I am here to solve world peace and slow internet. I JK wit chu!

About me? *Blushes*, Stop it, you're making my face look like a giant tomato. If you know what I mean;)
-No, I don't know what you mean.
-Oh, shut it!
Sorry, my other personality is showing~!

*FAN @GraspingReality4U, she is my home fry!

*I cannot resist cheesy pick-up lines, especially the nerd ones;)
*I am OCD, but lazier than a fat cow, if that makes any sense to you.
*Creeper is a word I tend to use quite often if I don't agree with your statement or I have nothing better to say.
*Talking to yourself can be signs of either insanity or complete geniusness, I like to go with the latter.
*Moomooshooshoo is my name, and randomness is my game.
*Squirrles have made a very special place in my heart.
* Respect the moomoo, respect it!
*Business in the front party in the back, holla! Just kidding, I'm all business all the time. <_>, my serious face.
* I have been on Wattpad before, but I decided to come back and spread a little of my magical pixie dust on you Watpadians!
* I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later. - Ingenious quote from my beloved butterfly!
* "Stay thirsty my friends."- old man for some Mexican beer. Heck yeah.
* My full name is moomooshooshoo, but you can call me moomoo if you like, *Insert waggle of eyebrows* ;)
*Dan and Phil are my loves! <3


*My Chemical Romance!
*Imagine Dragons!
*Alex Clare
*All Time Low
*All-American Rejects
*The Ready Set
* The Downtown Fiction!
*One Direction. (Ha, outta place!)
*One Republic
*The Script
*Linkin Park!
*Neon Trees

And many more......

REMEBER KIDS! Don't take candy necklaces from old lady's at the airport! Stay in school! AND EAT MORE SKITTLES!

Hasta Manana!
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Chasing Cassie

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Description: One Direction; a band that has squeezed its way into every teenage girl’s heart, all but one bitter seventeen year old. Cassie Styles is the sister of the infamous Harry Styles, a singer of the boy band One Direction. After her life being exploited...

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Beautifully Terrifying

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She was an ugly servant. He was a charming, handsome prince that would never look her way. She was in lo...

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