Hello Wattpadders! Your reading my profile, there isn't much to say really... 
I like running for miles and never looking back.
I love reading. Check out my book Battle Angel =]
I love my fans!
I really am your average teenage girl
Anyway uh yeah well let's see the basics:

Fav food: tacos

Fav sport: Soccer

Fav color: grey

Fav drink: Water

Fav song: One Republic: Secrets

Fav subject: Writing
I love my fans and readers.
Xoxo Monsterzrus a.k.a Autumn
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    All alone on cloud 9.
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monsterzrus monsterzrus Jul 19, 2013 03:03AM
To all my fans and readers!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to upload for such a long time =( My laptop broke so I've been saving up to buy a new one. I haven't given up on Battle Angel, just be patie...
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Battle Angel

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Description: Scarlett Legend is a 17 year old girl. Starting off 11th grade with a completely new group of friends, she learns their secret. Scarlett is just now learning about her past, seeing as though she remembers noth...


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