I love reading and writing stories that is my favorie hobby to do one of my favorite topics is death idk why but im just weird lik that haha :) i like to write short stories there fun most of my stories will be about death but it is a rarety that i will write a happy or love stores i dont like to write stories about happiness or love because to me thats fake life really doesnt end in a happy way it ends in death. But anyways haha well i guess thats mee :)
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Zombies vs. Vampires

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Description: Who would win: zombies or vampires? What would happen if a zombie bit a vampire, would the vampire stay a vampire or would it change into a zombie? Or would it be BOTH!?! What about a vampire biting a zombie...


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The Diary of Susie

The Diary of Susie

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the diary of a girl named susie who has problems but is also in love. this story is full of revenge hate...