My name? That is a need to know basis, meaning it is unimportant for you to know (unless of course you know me in person, which means that you are on the need to know basis).
Where am I? the same rule applies.
What am I like? Look at the pic.
What kind of books do I like? I think you can tell by what is in my library.
Will I write stories? If I get the right amount of inspiration and free time to write one.
That it? Now stop stalking me!
But really, If you had any reason to be on my page, I hope that you found what you are looking for, but not if what you were looking for something such as the key to world domination, because I am fairly certain that is not here.
I am a serious book worm (As in Wattpad just about consumes my life)
I love music, but what does that matter on a eBook community?
I love cats but they don't seem to like me (I have the scars to prove it)
That's about it!
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