HEY GUYS uhm so I'm not gonna be on for a while but know that I WILL BE BACK!!!bow everyone who's new go ahead and read this!HI i am a neko named morgan but call me Mo I have a senpai I am a yandere I love cats and all creatures in the world and i LOVE LOVE LOVE undertale and and life is strang ext oh and I make a bunch of puns! (that was a warning to people like papy)
and also i am against bullying
~things i like~
-Danis..Daniel Howell sorry let me cry for a minute
-Amazing Phil
-Joey Graceffa
-Shane Dawson
-Jordan persegati
-Thomas Sander (favorite)
-Aphmau (not catching up all the way)
-emo/alternative/rock/WHATEVER THE FLIP YOU CALL IT and some of the songs from my childhood
-life is strange
-minecraft (a few times)
-any game DANANDPHILGAMES play
~random facts about me~
-i am a yandere
-i watch anime
-i ship septiplier phan prinxiety and a lot of gay stuff
-i have A.D.H.D (look it up)
-i love to wright stories since i was what 3...(5 maybe) i made storys
-i have a demon and she has sa sister and brother she is mentioned in my story 'neko jacksepticeye' as Escwire
-my favorite hand is my left tho i'm right handed
-I watch things other than anime like
Stevan Universe Gravity Falls and STRANGER THINGS AND AAAHHH SEASON TWO!!!
-M C R
-T O P
-F O B
-SET IT OFF (favorite)
-i know it's not a band but MJ
-Hollywood Undead
-PANIC!at the disco
AND THAT IS IT!!! i recommend seeing Kara16exe she is a funny creative (a lil dirty minded) but a good friend!!!!!
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