She looks down and sees his entire naked body in one view. His curly dark hair touched with gray frames a thin face with a sharp, strong chin. His naked torso is a strong but not muscular. She studies the patch of hair on his chest recede to a line as it traces down his stomach to a thick tangle of pubic hair. And under that juts out the cock she somehow thought she could swallow. It seems even larger from this angle, like a tree stump in a field and for the first time she is scared. Scared that there is too much man in front of her. Scared he will demand more than she capable of offering. But then he lightly grasps her elbows and gives a gentle smile. And her stomach somersaults all over again.

With her on the chair he is staring straight into her chest, which is still covered by her sweater and half buttoned blouse. He looks down and sees her skirt has fallen back into the normal position and realizes he is the only naked one in the room. He gazes into her compliant eyes as he unbuttons her blouse from the bottom until it swings open. He pulls the shirt and sweater from her shoulders and unsnaps her bra which falls to the ground. She barely moves, submissively shifting her body as he reaches behind and unzips the skirt which lands at a pile on her feet.

He stares at her on the chair, nude but for her knee socks. She is even more petite in that position. Her shoulders angle out below her long neck. Her breasts so taught her puffy nipples, flushed cherry red against her China doll white skin, seem to point up as much as out. His fingers trace along the ridges of her rib cage down to her stomach where his hands completely surround her waist. Below are a set of thin feminine hips, skin stretching over pelvic bones.
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