If you're here then great!

My names Moira, duh. I'm a triplet; my brothers are Caiden and Finn. They're identical and superdooper competitive. EVERYONE is always like wow your brothers are twins and I'm all no. We live with our dad :)
We were also born on different days in different years! Finn was 11.57pm, Caiden was 11.59pm (31/12/1995) and I was 12.01am (1/1/1996)!! Does that make us special? I think it does.

Check out my best friend HodgeHegHollie she actually intends on writing. I'm just here to stalk her ;)

I'm always up for chatting if you want to know more or need help with anything :)

Cya Later Alligator :D

PS not many of you will know this but my picture is of Nala because a) the lion king is AMAZING and b) the woman who does her voice is called Moira :D
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    Wouldn't you like to know ;)
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