I don't  know if 
          	I'm strong or numb atp.


girl same. 


a mix of both, to be numb you must be strong.


To my little sister I never had, 
              You are the most sweetest young woman I’ve met. I can’t sum up my words as well to you— but I genuinely feel like the missing spot of a sister is filled, definitely. I enjoy our talks, the way you still be around after I gts early asf lmao. We’re human, and you definitely aren’t in the same living space as me so of course imma settle with differences, and love teaching you more things. I’m glad I can fill a spot for you, as well as you did me. Love it here, truthfully. So appreciative of you and the way your mind works. You better take any challenge head on! WE BEEN THAT BITCH, and will always be, you continue to do the sameee. </33’
          ps- I won the court case a while back, about the cheese on seafood? Yeah, cheese don’t go on it, period!