Yo, random person who happened to stumble on my account, you need to know that I am a major fangirl!

█ 10% studious
██ 20% witty
███ 30% junk-food addict
████ 40% athletic
█████ 50% talkative
██████ 60% sarcastic
███████ 70% friendly
████████ 80% Bookworm
█████████ 90% Internet Addict
██████████ 100% FANGIRL

Oh, and if you fan me, I'll fan you. Bye!
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    Of what? My math book? Sorry, threw that away weeks ago :D
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    Jul 02, 2012 05:06AM
moalover moalover Jan 06, 2013 11:19AM
@mozarella Thanks ur awesome! I wish I cud say more but I can't.
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Demigods in Hogwarts

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Description: This takes place after the giant war and wizarding war. After a stressful year at Goode High School, Percy and Annabeth decide that they'd had enough training. So, Annabeth will be spendind the summer at Percy...


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