No Life to Lose is now complete.
          	I'm both happy and sad to see the final chapter arrive. I feel like the characters in the book are my friends, and with their struggles over, I can move on to the next project. That's exciting, but also lonely.
          	A big THANK YOU and a terribly awkward man-hug for everyone that has been following along. I appreciate all of the kind words you've given me.
          	A writer is only half of an equation; readers are the other half. By our powers combined, we are ... CAPTAIN LITERATURE.
          	*awkward mental image*
          	Thanks, everyone.


          	  I'm convinced this is no longer a joke.
          	  -slightly worried face-


          	  But. :-(
          	  Zompires. :-(


          	  Congrats M!
          	  Also, I understand.
          	  Don't worry. You just need to start writing another one.
          	  -No Zompire love stories-


Also, I haven't started posting my new story yet since I took down all of my work for major editing but I was writing a new story called Dungeon Conquest that revolves around players trapped in a game. I allowed my friend Moe to read it and he asked me If I got the idea of No Life To Lose, when I told him I never even heard of it he forced me to start reading it, literally forced me right in the middle of class. I actually got the idea from my favorite anime Sword Art Online, just clearing it up so nobody gets the wrong idea. Love your book, keep if up :)


I'm currently on chapter 52 and I honestly don't want to continue because I don't want to finish such an amazing book especially since their isn't a sequel, I've read some amazing books on here and each are great in their own way but I've never read a book that captured me like the way No Life To Lose, honestly your writing style makes it so addicting and makes me never want to finish No Life To Lose. 52 chapters in 3 days, guess I'm finishing it today. Definitely one of my favorite if not my only favorite book. Will you upload any more books? Or start a series perhaps? You got yourself a big fan!


Hi there! I've just finished No Life To Lose and it is truly brilliant, totally captured me from the very start. Anyway I'm a bit gutted that you don't have any other novels on here, I enjoyed your writing so much and was hoping there'd be another gripping novel I could dive right into! Hohum, I shall follow you and hope for the best! Thank you for that brilliant story.


Hey, hope you're doing well. Just wanted to say that it's good to see that you've been getting the recognition you deserve for your amazing writing. :D


Hi again! I was thinking about your story recently...couldn't help wondering if you are working on anything new (please say yes, please say yes). Sorry, no pressure intended, just know that I really enjoy any story of yours. I would love to read more of your works, No Life To Lose was really quite amazing :)


I haven't talked to you in forever. Hopefully you are doing well and enjoying life. Have you been working on any new pieces lately? 
          I would love to hear about all that is new with you since I talked to you last. Send me a message whenever if you feel like chatting. :)
          Lady Kurdle

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