Ummm who AM I it’s been over 4 months :(( missed you guys SO MUCH!! 


@mistandfuryy ahh I missed you so much! glad you're back! <3


Exams and exams! How are youuu? 


@hiddenlikemoon AWWW NO you’re good!! I missed you toooOOO :(((( how’ve you been?


Is Rins story complete I wanna read it but scared I’ll be left on a cliff or have written story. I feel in love with your first book and would pay for it to be able to keep reading it whenever I could on paper. 


          I'm looking for a wattpad story that kinda goes as follows: (I had it saved in my reading list but now I can't seem to find it and can't remember the name of the story. Did you write it? Please let me know what the title was and where I can get it again, if you did) 
          wattpad story about daughter of alpha meets mate after her and best friend sneak into other packs territory, once marked her pack is attacked by rogue werewolves and her mate kicks her out of the bedroom, just wanting a mate to take over pack from his dad. she finds out shes pregnant and runs away but her mate now wants her back after realizing that she was stronger than she seemed. and searches for her, she comes into complete power of wolf while on the run. once she finds a pack to help her her mate finds the pack and she goes back with him but wont forgive him yet, rather living in the little cottage that she has made her home, he has to work for her forgiveness. she then forgives him but when she gets to bedroom the mistress is trying to seduce him but he rejects the mistress. she loses baby in rogue attack but then hears that his father thinks shes weak for leaving and explains that this has happened before with him and that his mistress was also bad. they look after another alphas baby boy and find out that it's his fathers mistresses daughter thats leading the rogues that smell like burning and they fight and win.


Hi..Read your book alphas bargain..Wonderful work it is...I loved it...Then I headed away to read part two about Rin's story but found it on hold since 2018...Please tell if you will continue it....Because to be honest the epilogue of book one is not a closure but a beginning to a new story...Please continue book two...


I just found and finished reading Silent Deception. I was looking forward to reading Delicate Deception, however noticed it has been on hold since 2018. Will you be finishing this book?  If so, do you know when you will start updating it?  Hope you are enjoying this slightly cooler this week here in Texas!  Oh, and I love your writing, keep up the great work!