I am Olivia. I am 14 years old and enjoy many things such as:
doctor who
tina belcher
bobs burgers
the internet
band boys
and more cats

"We are all in one way or another Selfish Machines. In no way is this a negative thing, its human nature. We all have natural tendencies to want, love, and take. When it comes down to it human have animal like qualities that we keep inside and even try to deny-but no matter how morally good some may think they are or try to be, we are still humans. One example of this is how we are all constantly searching for someone to love, or even more desperately, someone to love you. Its human nature broken down to its bare bones, no bul, just rock bottom honest feelings and desire. No trying to be nice, shy, or respectable, its about the 'evil' thing inside of us that is not really evil at all, its just there and will always be indie of us" - Vic Fuentes.

I have some rules
1. Love who/what you are
2. Love anyone you want
3.We do not hate on anyone or anything
4. Stand strong no matter who puts you down.
5. Always smile, it brings out your beauty
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